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's program today. will it help indiana? i realize you have a huge surplus. you have an unemployment rate around 8.7%, does this help >> no, the help we want as dennis just said an economy that starts growing and provides jobs and opportunity and hope once again for our people. tally, that would be helpful in -- incidentally that would be helpful in paying down the debt. in fact, it is getting a little old. did the president forget he just raised medicare taxes last year they are coming in a year from now on the same people. h xá never seems to understand that these folks he wants to keep laying more and more burden on predominantly are small businesses the enterprises that have always generated the net new jobs in america. it will not generate the revenue he's talking about. and it is counterproductive in terms of the growth that alone can get us out of this fix. >> greta: i'm all curious, when you took office you had a 700 million dollar deficiency. now you have a billion dollar surplus that's a big jump in five years. i'm a little curious. i realize the states problems are different
visiting friends at indiana university in bloomington porter county officials producing no details on the motive investigation continues. >> guys are still on the field working together all evidence speaking with all the witnesses acquaintance's friend of ever want to make sure we cover everything. >> public visitation for amanda bach thursday 3-8:00 p.m.. portage funeral mass nativity church of our savior catholic church on friday 10 am. people who either did not know or have pulled together through facebook planning events in her honor one group selling bracelets to raise money for her family. as for dustin mcgowan remain at the porter county jail with no bond. awaiting first court appearance could come tomorrow. >> drew peterson stays in jail awaiting murder trial of illinois supreme court shoots him down. drew peterson attorneys argued should be the least what prosecutors are appealing a ruling. hopeful for a release the appeal latest and delayed his trial more than a year denied a request this afternoon drew peterson charged with murder of third wife suspect kathleen savio
temperaturas bajas sÍ sentimos condiciones severas des indiana, ohio, en louisiana no se descarta condiciones severas y hasta tornados, por aquÍ fuertes lluvias sobre la florida, actividad de precipitaciones que se desplazan en el fonoreste, mientras tranquilidad flacos ta oeste en montana avisos de fuertes lluvias, fuertes vientos en el norte del paÍs,dakotas. fuertes lluvias en puerto rico alerta de inundaciÓn lluvias fuertes, mientras a mil 400 millas de barl fuera de esto las mÁxima hoy en el norte al kahn carne 84°, dallas en 87 y "la gran manzana" con 67°, fophoeni 101°, las vegas 95, temperaturas muy altos en comparaciÓn a lo que se siente en todo el noreste, patrÓn de fuertes lluvias en wl sur, mreens que las temperaturas sÓlo alcanzan los 70° en "la gran manzana" hacia el norte. en los Ángeles 73 y sobre phoenix temperaturas en 102°, kon. >>> gracias ya aquÍ, y una fiesta en un bar con un trago kwo ti nal en como bay personas murieron al ingerir licor adulterado, las autoridades determinaron que en el centro nocturno operaba sin licencia requerida. un revelador reporte
. >> okay, let's go to indiana governor mitch daniels has decided not to run. he's very well thought of. he says there's time for someone else to jump in. in fact, he even told "the new york times" jeff zeleny he had tried to get three or four republicans, other fellas or women to jump in. "rick perry proved it wasn't too late. i don't think it's too late yet. in the wired world we're in, somebody new could get in." is that reasonable? could a chris christie get in this race? >> i don't think so. getting on the ballots in various states would be problematic to begin with, before you even get into whether or not you could raise the money. that's a huge part of the early work you have to do. when you look at what's going on in pennsylvania right now with the republican legislature and the governor are looking at changing the dynamics of how they will vote electorally, all of -- >> how about a natural like donald trump? wouldn't he be able to jump right into this thing? just kidding. he's talking about running as independent. he's not going to drop that cash. no way. thank you. governor, good
: the suspect is under arrest. >>> indiana. a dump truck coming to a stop on the edge of an i-55 overpass in indianapolis. you can see part of the vehicle hanging there with its front wheels dangling over a parking lot. officials say the truck may have jackknifed due to rainy conditions. >>> minnesota. investigators trying to figure out who stole 150 pigs from a farm southwest of st. paul. the owner says he didn't immediately notice they were missing. >> doors were all dead bolted. there is a security system here. we thought it was very secure. apparently we got to do more work. >> shep: the livestock reportedly worth more than $30,000. and that's a fox watch. across america. >> shep: i'm shepard smith. this is the fox report. it's the bottom of the hour. time for the top of the news. a busy day at the united nations as world leaders discuss libya's new government. a possible response to the slaughter happening now in syria, and the palestinians push for full statehood. we've just learned this hour that the president of the united states will meet with the palestinian president abbas tomo
cope, other big pumpkin producing states like illinois, indiana, california and ohio are taking advange of the shortages, forcing farmers like karen to import more pumpkins. >> this year, i did not plan to buy any. >> how many pumpkins will be be outsourcing? >> probably about $15,000 or more. >> in sh season of trick or treating, it's a cool trick by mother nature. >> one cruel summer, indeed. and the scott family tells me they anticipated harvesting 50 tons of pumpkins this year. they'll be lucky if they get ten tons. what does that mean for you and i, the customer? last year at this time they were selling pumpkins for 49 cents a pound. now it's up to 69 cents a pound. who knows where that will be capped. >> thank you. >>> if you're one of the 80 million americans with a smartphone, we're taking a turn here from pumpkins to smartphones. >> the desk has been cleaned, fully. >> it's another scary thing. you should know they can be attacked by the same viruses that can plague your computer. >> this is becoming a bigger issue. here with much needed advice this morning is our "the early sh
, fort wayne, indiana, mobil, alabama -- mobile, alabama, rochester, new york, san jose, california, and south bend, indiana. section six would clarify would information the v.a. must provide to congress when seeking authorization for a midged me -- major medical project or facility project or lease. under current law, the v.a. is required to submit to congress a prospectus for all major medical facility projects and requests. it should include details relating to construction, equipment and other costs for the proposed project as well as any and all alternatives considered including operating costs. however, the v.a. has not provided this information in sufficient detail to allow congress to effectively evaluate proposed prompts and alternatives. without accurate and complete information, congress cannot carry out its statutory mission of ensuring an equitable distribution of medical facilities to provide access to care for our veterans across the united states or be assured we are good stewards of taxpayer dollars. to similarly improve oversight, section 7 of the bill would requir
that member and mr. silva, the former member from davenport, for their leadership on indiana semitism as well as hoping us to coordinate the global summit here in january, and i'm pleased to nawns that this evening the minister of foreign affairs and i will be the first to sign the ottawa protocol indicating that canada will continue to take a leadership role in combating all forms of anti-semitism which seeks to target and vilify the collective view of the state of israel. [applause] >> the honorable member -- [inaudible] >> mr. speaker, there is no business case for abolishing the canadian wheat board, it's an ideological crusade clean and simple, and now the clear majority of canadian grain producers have voted to keep the single monopoly. i argue that the minister is both duty-bound and honor-bound to respect the very acts that defined his ministry which guarantees a vote of -- [inaudible] before the government interferes with their ability to market their grain. [applause] >> mr. speaker, the member site that the wheat board overtook left out a glaring hole in the middle, the right for f
in alabama and it's a family in georgia and it's a mom in south carolina and it's a grandmother from indiana and on and on and on. what i want to know is, who is it who is coming to defend that story tonight. i hear in town hall meetings all the time, i know my friend from alabama has the -- hears the same thing, rob, i want you to go up there and fight for what's right. i don't want you to compromise. well, i don't want to compromise on principle. there's no principle i have that i'm interested in compromising on. but i tell folks back home, there's common ground. there's common ground no matter where you sit on the political spectrum, you can see your way clear to this path forward. what i want to know from my colleagues, i wish there were more in the chamber tonight and i'm grate to feel my friend from alabama for putting this hour together, but where are the folks who oppose -- who oppose enforcing the laws. where are the folks who believe that legal immigration is what we don't want and illegal immigration is what we do want? where are the folks who believe that when criminals commit cr
a chance to talk to governor mitch daniels of indiana who writes about this broader problem in his book. we'll have a chance to hear from him. >> let's talk about tony bennett, remarkable singer and has a new c.d. out called "duets." anything else? >> he was on the howard stern sirius radio show and they were talking about all sorts of stuff and tony dodged questions about his sex life. he is 85. >> why would howard stern bring something up like his sex life? >> because he's howard stern! >> he wouldn't talk about alleged drug use either and he asked about how america should deal with terrorists. and then tony said "but who are the terrorists? are we the terrorists or are they the terrorists? two wrongs don't make a right." then he disagreed with stern's premise that the terrorists involvement on 9/11 led to afghanistan. >> they flew the plane in. we caused it because we were bombing them and they told us to stop. i don't know what he's talking about. did you say he's 85 now? in some ways, you can maybe give him a pass. unfortunately, he also gets a megaphone so he can make these ridicul
in indiana? what we have to do and it's hard is put money into infrastructure. i agree with the president on the infrastructure thing. and we've got to have less regulation in the cafe standards and things like that. we need higher gas prices. that's what auto guys will tell you. >> i bring people together. that's what i do. mika also supports r&d. we can all agree on that. >> we agree on that. >> all right. >> we should not argue about cars with the former governor of michigan. >> thank you. jennifer and dan. the book is "a governor's story the fight for jobs and america's economic future." >> we didn't get to the tigers or the lions. >> how about our teams? we're loving it. >> holy cow. >> adorable. all right. coming up. >> i'm sure you made their day. >> pulitzer prize winner ron suskind will be here. keep it here on "morning joe." ♪ ♪ [ multiple sounds making melodic tune ] ♪ [ male announcer ] at northrop grumman, every innovation, every solution, comes together for a single purpose -- to make the world a safer place. that's the value of performance. northrop grumman. [ horn ho
Search Results 0 to 19 of about 20 (some duplicates have been removed)